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Banks spend a lot of money on marketing.  When you go to a bank to get a bank account they hope you are a wealthy person that wants a paid subscription bank account, but they will only give you one when they have done due diligence on you.

If you have moved around a lot, have some bad credit history in the form of ccj’s, defaults and missed payments or you are not on voters roll, its likely that you will get rejected for such a status bank account, because of the credit checking process they use.

With a status bank account, you are usually given a more  powerful debit bad credit basic bank account debit cardcard, a cheque book and other high trust assets that if you were irresponsible you could cause a lot of trouble for the bank.
If you have a poor credit history or any adverse elements to your credit profile, you are probably much better off applying for a no credit check basic bank account.

Most high street banks have basic bank accounts available.  As long as you have some form of government issued proof of identity, and you don’t have a history of fraud, and you are not an un-discharged bankrupt, you can get a basic bank account with no credit check regardless of your bad credit history.

It’s hard to get a proper visa debit card, but sometimes you can get an ATM cash card or a solo or visa electron card.  The visa electron card does have some benefits if you want to book at cheap flight, they have little or no surcharge on them.   So regardless of your bad credit history, there are lots of no credit basic bank accounts for everyone!

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The credit crunch and recession has nearly gone and adverse history finance and people with poor credit can now begin to spend other peoples money again!

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